Birthday cakes are more than just dessert. They’re a symbol. A piece of celebration we sing around, bond over. Cutting the cake, passing down the slices and forks, the discussion over which pieces are better, smaller, who wants the corner piece, who wants the extra frosting.

You can make it from a box and frost it from a can. You can measure and sift or purchase it already made. It doesn’t really matter. It signifies another year gone by, another milestone made. Countless memories are made over candles blown out with balloons and party hats at the edges of the frame.

Chocolate or vanilla, funfetti festivities. Stacked or sheet. Licking beaters, lighting candles. You wish them the happiest of birthdays and for another year ahead, all the best.

My nephew turned 5 this week. I remember being so excited to meet him, I don’t know where this last 5 years has gone.

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