random remarks

Yes. The thought of a weekly feature has you quivering in anticipation. I know.

This morning I’m exhausted. Last night was another of those weird nights where I was up too late and got too little sleep. Not good when you think it’s starting a trend.

I’m trying to steel myself for another outing with my mother. I’ve spent more time with her in the last few weeks than I have all summer. I think she misses me.

Anyhow… in no particular order, I present the first of many Thursday random remarks:

I hate the cheerios commercial where the boy listens to his dad’s heart. The look the kid gives his father at the end breaks my heart.
I caught part of Pamela Anderson’s roast, and all I could wonder is why in the hell they were roasting her. She had a look on her face, and I couldn’t quite make it out, but she was either confused or she didn’t understand the goal of the roast. The quality of the American Icon has gone way down in past decades.

Purses, I’m sick of all mine. Do you recycle, or when you’re done, toss or donate it?

Do you believe that movie producers should be responsible for considering the feelings of victims’ family members when releasing a movie based on a real crime? Karla has had a lot of controversy swirling around – but being that the real events happened so close to home, the people in my area may be biased. Caution, the story is a disturbing one.

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