random remarks

“If you are not outraged you are not paying attention” A bumper sticker I saw a little while ago. I know it doesn’t pertain to what I would like it to, but it kinda describes my personality towards issues I’m passionate about.

Speaking of… Always commercials. Please someone tell me that I’m not the only one outraged. “Have a happy period!” Never in my life have I had a happy period. So now my periods are as depressing as the rest of my life. Oh WAIT! I forgot to tell you the best part. You can wish a friend a happy period too. Ugh!

Sometimes our husbands are sensitive and sweet and waiting to hold their wife while she cries and they’re content to wipe away tears and stroke some hair. It’s always nice to see one like that, so if he’s yours, hug your husband while you’re at it.

I got an email from the library tonight. I have 4th of July by James Patterson waiting for me. It may be easy reading and he may be getting rusty – but I can’t resist a good Patterson novel. Plus – I think I’d make a great detective so I pretend I am one when I read.

For those who care apparently Brad and Jen will be officially dissolved on October 2nd.

And, last but not least – to everyone in the entire world that reminded me that relaxing and avoiding stress would get me pregnant – Suck It! Stress does not appear to influence the outcome of IVF Okay, so the articles aren’t all bubblegum and rainbows, and you have to forgive them both for crappy ads, but it’s as big a victory as I can get with this.

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