cop named Bill


Had coffee at Tim Horton’s today with a cop. A cop named Bill.

Anyone who knew me prior to my husband, knows the running joke. My father had some dream when I was barely a teenager about me marrying a cop named Bill. It was a recurring dream, and he was convinced, some weird premonition. Always joked about it.

Monday, at the Gilda’s club luncheon,  I was seated with a detective who was getting an award, and his lieutenant. They were both friendly and sweet, chatting with me because they knew no one was there with me. I walked out with several others, and the change from air-conditioning to heat must have really hit me, because I almost passed out in front of the restaurant. I was mortified.

Got a call yesterday from the Lieutenant. Said his name and I couldn’t place it. Then it clicked, he just wanted to see how I was feeling. We ended up talking for two hours. I didn’t know what to think. It was wonderful to have someone listening to me, and really paying attention to what I had to say. Offering their perspective, but not too much advice. Right before we hung up, I thanked him, both for checking in on me, and for listening to me. I said “take care” and was ready for the goodbye part when he fumbled in with an invitation to have coffee.

I haven’t just been out for coffee with a friend in forever, so I said yes.

It was just coffee, and I didn’t think of it as more than that.

He was there first, and got the drinks. I made a joke about that, since everyone knows cops, EMT’s and firefighters get it for free. After that, we just kept talking.

He was kind and sweet, funny in that weird way I appreciate. He complimented me and laughed at my jokes and my commentary of the other Timmy Ho’s patrons.  He is attractive. Okay, fine, he is hot, so out of my league hot. Hot in a police calendar kinda way. So much so that I got flustered when I looked him in the eye. He opened the door for me. Do you know how long it’s been since that happened?

I know it’s just me feeling lonely and frustrated and neglected.  But this was one of the best times I’ve had in recent history.

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