Me? Dramatic? Okay, hyperbole aside, home doesn’t feel like home right now.

Also, things I advise against:

– Sleeping at parents house while fighting (or rather, trying not to fight, which is how we do it)

– Sleeping at in-laws while fighting

– Trying to fit visits to dozens of people into three days

– Deciding to drink their alcohol – they may be out.

– Eating your mother in laws meals

– Waiting until almost midnight to untwist that twisted bra strap that’s been bugging you for hours.

That is all.

Edited to add – writing this post on your blog when tired & stressed

2 thoughts on “homeless

  1. No way is your mother-in-law a worse cook than mine. When my husband and his brothers got to college, they thought the cafeteria food as good. Everything she makes is from the cheapest possible ingredients and is either raw in the middle or burned on the outside–and sometimes both. I have just two words for you: Burger King.


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