be a bother

Hoping that by listing the things bothering me, they’ll, you know, stop bothering me.  Besides, I need my daily dose of whining and bitching.

So, in no particular order, I present the things that bother me today:

This cough I have
The fact that I’m so indecisive with my future & my present
That I have to keep paying for the storage unit in NY because I thought I was leaving sooner & I have stuff there
That my husband “forgets” that we’re in a crisis
That I can’t really talk to anyone
Looking for a job
My husband sending his parents money without letting me know / checking with me
That 3 out of the last 4 books I’ve read have left me crying
That the staff at the doctor’s yesterday were so unprofessional & now I need a new primary MD

Okay, I’ll quit now.  Feel free to add yours.  Sometimes it’s just nice to get it off your chest.

2 thoughts on “be a bother

  1. Okay, misery loves company….
    The projectile sneezing/snotting thanks I have had for 5 days thanks to a germy teen
    My husband allowed my 6 year old to ride the bus FOR THE FIRST TIME without me being there to see it
    That my high school is so stingy with the budget
    that my sister in law uses up my Inlaws so my husband and I can’t get any help
    Feel better…


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