the world revolves around me

Things that leave me perplexed:

– Why so many people search for “bad wife” and end up here.  I am so not the worst wife.  There’s got to be someone worse.  I wonder, if it’s bad as in undesirable, or bad as in misbehaved.  Bad is too loose a term.

– How one broken window can cost so much money.

– How can you black out if you’re blind? They need a new term, since this one doesn’t really work for them.  When the doctor asked my husband if the room went black, I started laughing hysterically.  Which does nothing to help a bad cough.

– Speaking of coughs, why does medicine that puts everyone else into a drowsy state leave me feeling chatty?

– Why you’d be interested enough to read the entire archives here.  Several people have recently, and while I admire and thank you for your dedication, I’m curious, why?

7 thoughts on “the world revolves around me

  1. The reason I read through everything is that I was intrigued to learn how all of this started. I read a few recent posts and decided that I had sufficient interest enough to read on. So, I did.


  2. Hi Kate,
    I just read all the archives, and since you asked why I’ll tell you it is because your writing style is sort of mysterious. You leave things out – things that I wanted to know. So I read the archives and am still frustrated by not knowing. Don’t worry, I’ll live 😉


  3. First off, you are tremendous writer…you use words that i have to look up the definition for, so therefore, you are a “teacher” ;-D
    I also read because it makes my relationship seem better!…You know, we all have “issues” and I bet there are more people out there with the same issues as “you” have, but just don’t admit it……
    keep ’em coming!


  4. I read through your archives when I first found your blog link at BeyondJEMS blog. It took me awhile, but I had to have a better understanding of you! I agree with “maggie, dammit” – you say so much with so few words, and I’m always left wanting more. I have SO many questions for you, but I know that the point of this blog is for you to share what you want under anonymity and I think it’s great. Keep writing!


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