simple words

I'm loquacious; a wordy girl.  (Redundant too apparently)

It's rare that I find myself speechless.  Correction.  It's rare I cannot find what I think of as the  "right" words.  I have rarely been known to stutter and stumble but in the last 24 hours, I've done it much more than I would care to admit.

I'm sitting in a hotel room in undisclosed location.  I can hear the traffic; the repetitive sound of cars driving past, in a hurry to their destination.  Today everyone rushes while I slow down.  I stroll in time to the running pace of their feet.

The rain hits the window and I think about the last time I found myself in a hotel room in the pouring  rain.  I was in the window trying not to cry and rage, not sipping hot chocolate and dancing around with a smile on my face.

Sometimes, words fail.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that even if I can't describe it, feeling it is enough.

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