random remarks

Haven’t done one of these in a while, but it was just this kind of a day.

– Sitting in the urologists office while my husband had an appointment (which he told me about as I picked him up)  Considered just how much energy and time has been spent in such appointments.  Dropped off testosterone script and considered that with all the money spent on that hormone over the last few years, my husband should be a walking penis.

– I ran across a box of cards and letters while I was looking for some paperwork.  Stopped and flipped through these things.  Realized how incredibly pitiful this was and put it away.  Not before I read ones that made me cry.

– Realized I’m being entirely too nice out of misplaced guilt to someone who’s borderline hostile to me.

– I am thinking that it’s almost too warm for November as far as I’m concerned.

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