secret admirer

I’ve debated about posting this, but decided enough time has passed to tell the story.

In the summer, I discovered something.  I was browsing around Craigslist and saw something, a post I thought maybe was directed at me.  I wasn’t certain, but there was just enough there to prompt me to respond.  I emailed the address in the ad, and figured, worst case scenario, I outed myself to someone who wasn’t looking for me.

But, this someone was looking for me.

I received an email back, and we conversed through email and chatting – even spending an entire night doing so.  Part of the conversation was spent wondering “who?” and trying to figure that out by the small clues I was given.

It wasn’t too long until it was figured out, and I was just as interested then as I was in revealing his identity before.

I’ll admit, it’s incredibly flattering to have someone go out of their way to get your attention.  This man could have emailed me (as several of you have done) or contacted me through another source, but he chose to be clever – and I find smart, clever men irresistible.

We made tentative plans to meet and continued to flirt and talk.  Unfortunately we didn’t meet, as the morning we planned to, I got some disturbing news, and soon thereafter things petered out.

I couldn’t tell if it was the reality of meeting me and potentially starting something, or the let down after the initial excitement of “will she guess who I am?” / “who is he?”.  It could have been that he wasn’t attracted to me, or that he simply did have too much on his plate work wise.

I was disappointed, but looking on Craigslist led to a great deal of thinking about what I wanted and what I didn’t want. In a roundabout way, that led to a lot of the changes going on now.

In my head, it also contributed to other things in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined.

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