My first holy confession – I was in the second grade.  I chose Father Jennings because he was very hard of hearing.  I figured, based on comments from previous kids in class, that no matter what I said, I’d receive 3 “hail Marys” and an “our father”.  They were correct.  Over the next several years, I found myself making sure I had things to confess to – over-inflating mistakes so they seemed severe enough.  I was not a child to disobey often.  My worst offense was a smart mouth and there was an occasional white lie. “No, of course I didn’t push my sister!”

In reality, I’ve rarely confessed, it is easier to keep it in than to give the information away.

But, I’m ready to confess now, and since you’ve read so many of my confessions before, I figure, what’s one more?

I have a date.

Shocked? I doubt it, there’s been enough foreshadowing here and there.  Still, it’s different to admit it.  But, I thought you’d want to know.

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