A very talented friend of mine sent me a song a couple months ago.

It doesn’t belong to me, he didn’t write it for me, but it touched me.

I listen to it often, as I’ve wound it into my normal listening.

It sticks in my brain, playing over and over… a song for a woman who has been breaking him.

It dawns on me; I’m the singer, never the muse.

I’m just not the kind of woman anyone writes songs about.

4 thoughts on “song

  1. The girl I wrote that song for/about is gone from my life – forever, it would seem. I suppose, in some small way, that I’m grateful for the experiences that compelled me to write it. Better to have loved and lost…
    May we all have a ballad written for us by someone who has sought our heart.


  2. I don’t believe it. Just because no one has written a song about you (yet) doesn’t mean no one will. From what I’ve seen you should have an album written for you!


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