sometimes I curl up with my laptop, intending to let out all the things in my head, and begin to feel overwhelmed. I have these snippets that start and I can’t get them all out in a manner that makes any sense to anyone but me.

I think clarity comes for me once in a while and when it does, it’s divine.

but sometimes, it doesn’t.

I can talk to anyone easily, most of the time. I still find myself holding some things back. Trying not to bitch about work to colleagues too much, trying not to pine when I’m homesick.

I miss having an unbiased opinion. I’m looking for a counselor, but one I can afford and who I will connect with may be a tough find. I found Nancy, my one back at home after trying about a dozen and stayed with her for years. It’s intimidating to think about starting over and rehashing just to get to the part I am at now.

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