case of the “I want”

*disclaimer – just venting, not to be taken too seriously*

I want to go to Bora Bora.

I want a better job.

I want to be wealthy, or at least more comfortable.

I want to meet my sister in Vegas this weekend for her birthday celebration.

I want to be sleeping right now.

I want to go home for Mothers Day, since I couldn’t go home for Easter.

I want my stuff from my storage spaces.

I want to take a vacation, instead of just talking about it.

I want to have a good garden, and someone to help me clean and clear out the front yard, make this house look better outside.

I want to make this place more of MY home. I want to actually move forward with the changes in the kitchen, the new carpet. I want a couch and a living room I can entertain in. I want the spare room organized and a chair I can really read in.

I want a new cell phone.

I want a camera. Up until I had to sell mine last year – I have carried one with me everyday. I miss taking photos.

I want a pedicure.

I want my parents to find jobs and my brother to find a better one. I want them to not have to worry about losing their house, about not being insured, about not being able to afford the things they need.

I want my ex to be spared a painful suffering end, to have his cancer not spread further. My boss’ cancer as well.

I want my sister and her husband to be happy.

I want to plan a great birthday celebration for myself later this year.

I want to re-start my charm bracelet, and put the new memories I’ve made into trinkets I can wear on it.

I want a hug that takes both arms.

I want a new pair of shoes, or maybe a new purse.

I want to get my license without too much hassle from the DMV.

I want my friend at work to not leave, because she’s the only one I actually trust there.

I want to be more patient.

I want to not want so many things.

I want to be a better Kate.

One thought on “case of the “I want”

  1. Wanting to be a better person is a constant in my life.

    Some days I get closer, some days I get farther away.

    I wish you all the best in all of your wishes.


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