someone else’s wedding photos

It’s weird. I’m looking at these photos from the wedding I went to a few weeks back.

You wonder if they’ll make it. If they’ll figure out what so many people can’t seem to. If they love enough to get through the sickness, the health, the poorer and the little bit more comfortable than poorer. If they can manage through the bad, the better, the good, the “oh no, we thought we hit the worst already” worse.

They’re young and sweet. I hope only the best.

I think about how life is when you first get married. How lots of things seem possible, even if improbable. Back then, I had never had a love like that. I wasn’t convinced it existed, and if it did, I didn’t think I deserved it.

I know now that I do. That makes me feel like anything is possible.

Is it weak to want to have a wedding with that kind of love behind it?

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