dear santa

I keep getting hounded by my family about what I want for Christmas. I need practical things, but they want to hear about fun things, and things that I want, not need.

So, I’m making a list. Some of it’s fun, some of it is practical, some of it is totally off the wall. I don’t care, I’m making it and sharing it with them. Thought it might entertain you too.

I want a new coat. Not a black one.

I want warm weatherproof boots that aren’t ugly.

I want…

a small camera, one that’s better than my cell camera but easier to carry in an evening bag or pocket.

gloves I can use with my Droid, like these

a guitar, and lessons.

a bracelet to hang charms on.

tickets to fly to visit my family sometime early next year.

a kit so I can try Ouidad stuff on my mop top.

totally impractical dress boots, knee-high.

a gift certificate to Landis salon.

a trip someplace warm.

scrapbook stuff.

a hand mixer.

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