swans that swim, geese who lay, five rings of gold

I’m feeling more prepared. There’s a few more lights around the house, and the packages have been sent east. I have tracking numbers and I’m stalking the mailman and the UPS guy for the ones due here still.

I brought toys to a gathering last night for Toys for Tots and today is a day to clean up and get things straightened out before the end of the week craziness. My brother-in-law is armed with a laptop and webcam for Christmas morning, and I’m excited about that.

I have a lot of reasons to smile. I feel very lucky. While I know this Christmas there are people hungry, homeless and worse, I know I am safe, warm, loved. I feel a deep sense of genuine gratitude. Gratitude for the home I have, the family I have (though they’re far away) and the relationships I have made.

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