women of influence

I read this on Becky Higgins blog Saturday: “Happy Mother’s Day — to you mothers, yes. But also to you women who are not necessarily biological mothers. You are women of influence. Whether or not you realize it, your role as a woman is critical. Every. Single. One of you.”

I realize that while my mother is a huge influence in my life, she hasn’t been the only one.

My mother has a friend, D, whom she has been friends with since my brother and her son were born. My parents are her daughters godparents and she’s like another mother to me. My family considers them family, though we’re not. She has had an influence on my life. She calls to check up on me and I send her a card on days like today.

Several of my mother’s friends have cared for me, listened to me, offered their love, support and advice. I’ve appreciated the influence they’ve had on me.

I have a number of aunts on my father’s side. All of them have had some impact on my life, some larger than others. I’ve felt their maternal influence as well. I look forward to the day when my siblings have children, so I can be that for them, only better.

I hope that the children I’ve loved, whether they belonged to friends or family, felt me that way. Fine, I’m not a mother, but I am warm, loving, caring and protective. I’d like to think I have some influence on those children, that I can color their lives in one way or another.

So today, I share this song.  The first time I heard it, I thought about my mom, and how she has truly become my friend, though I know that sounds clichéd. It might be country, and cheesy, but I feel love for her when I hear it.

I love my mom, I love my friends who are moms, and I love those of you just out there trying to be one. My heart goes out to all of us today, all the women of influence. May we shine our light on the children in our life, whether they’re ours or not, and cherish the roles we play in their lives.

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