mish mosh

My brain feels clouded. I think it’s the cold. I’d blame the cough syrup, but I haven’t taken it yet.

I’m thinking about vintage typewriters and organizing papers. I’ve started and abandoned my to-do lists at work the last two days. My tree is still up and I feel guilty it isn’t cleaned up, but I joke about “good” Catholics not taking it down until the epiphany, so I’m safe.

I’m trying to figure out a plan for a February vacation, and look at shelters for dogs and hire a new assistant at work.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. My brain is like a pinball machine, the ball banging from one point to another.

2 thoughts on “mish mosh

  1. Try changing the “to-do” list to a task list … organizing papers is all about “where would I go first if I were looking for this?” then put/file it there … who cares if the tree is still up? ~ most people pay good money to have a green plant in their home … use post-it notes and a wall to figure out your vacation plan … be honest with the potential assistant ~ the first one that doesn’t run, hire.


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