sixty thousand

It’s a strange milestone, I don’t think I noticed when the odometer went to 50K.

On the drive home, I was thinking about where I’ve been.

The car has been up to Canada, down to Alabama. Over to New York and back to Utah. From Tennessee through Kentucky, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsvylania, Nebraska, Wyoming.

It was a quick decision, made under duress. Carless and needing the freedom of wheels while feeling trapped in Nashville. I remember the first 13 hour trip to NY, to tell my parents my marriage wasn’t working out. The teary drive from Tennessee as I walked out on my husband. As I said goodbye to the dreams we had and the life I had tried so hard to make with him.

I remember feeling loopy as I drove from Lincoln to Salt Lake, wishing miles and time would hurry up as I waited to get here.

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