beginnings and endings

Tomorrow, I start a new adventure.

If you had asked me a number of years ago if I’d be running medical practices, I’d have laughed. I would have told you that there was no way that my career made that turn.

Tomorrow, I start at a new office. One that trusts in my business acumen, my expertise, my skills.

Still, I feel a little weird. Practice manager is a strange job, and one that comes with few perks, given the responsibilities and expectations it carries.

Starting over always makes me think of middle school. When the first lunch period comes and you wander in with your brown paper bag, wondering where to sit, whom to have lunch with. While I often feel confident, I still have those awkward moments where I wonder where I belong.

This week brings many questions. Will I get along with the new crew? Will I be able to extricate myself gracefully from the current office? Will I stay friendly with the girls I’ve come to care for? What challenges will the new office bring? I look forward to finding some of the answers.

This week also brings the end of the current craziness. I won’t sever ties, we are still working out the details of ending our relationship, but I won’t be back in the office. I’m sad, but relieved. I’ll miss the patients, the girls I work with, but I won’t miss the headaches and the demanding employer.

Lets just hope this week goes smoothly. If it doesn’t, there’s always the distraction of a visit home next week.

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