birthday girl

Every year I commemorate the day in some fashion, and usually there’s a post here.

This year seems low-key. Many of the people who would have remembered every year have drifted further away and I don’t anticipate hearing from them.  I don’t have exciting plans, I’m not getting a gift, which I learned after a long talk about expectations and desires. It was a difficult conversation.

I’m no longer young, I suppose I shouldn’t get excited about the day anymore, but I like an excuse to feel important. Those occasions become less and less frequent, and yet, I feel like sometimes, I want to be selfish, I want it to be about me.

Some years are harder than others. I’m hoping the next is a better one, but this last one hasn’t been too bad, I can’t complain.  Still, I want for more next year.

May the next year of my life be filled with love, happiness, peace, adventure, health, fun, sex, new experiences, good surprises and laughter.

2 thoughts on “birthday girl

  1. I turned 35 this past year. Ordinarily, I feel happy to have a birthday. (It’s better than the alternative!) However, I was surprised about how much harder it was this year.

    I’ve always thought the best thing to do on birthdays is to buy a new outfit (head to toe, including accessories and shoes) and have a new experience. Whether that’s trying a new food, going someplace new, or having a new adventure. Something that reminds you there is still so much to learn and discover!

    Happy birthday. 🙂


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