monday dread

I suppose for most people, this happens Sunday night, but since Sunday night is a free night here (having Mondays off) it sets in on Monday evenings instead.

I wonder if it’s time to look for another job once your stomach hurts at the idea of going to work the next day. It happened at the last place after about a year, when I felt I was getting more responsibility and more work without more pay, and the benefits that were supposed to happen didn’t. I’m again in this situation, wondering about the security of my job, my practice, and wondering how to broach the subject again with them, since they were less than receptive the first time.

I wonder if I’m just spoiled, not knowing how to get through tougher times in a job that I don’t have 100% control over. I guess I feel ambivalent about leaving, and since I’m already losing staff, I don’t worry about leaving this place in the lurch.

If only I had that crystal ball that would help me decide if staying will be better or worse than looking for something new.

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