the lullaby tune

I took a new job inside a hospital. I have to walk through the maternity ward to get to work. Today, on my third day, I asked what the little music meant. I thought perhaps it was someone’s cell phone, or a nearby office’s phone or music.

Turns out, they play a little musical piece every time a baby is born.

The women who told me were all tender and misty when they explained. “Isn’t it precious?” “It is such a sweet practice!”

It’s my defense mechanism to make a joke, or a sarcastic comment. I responded with, “it’s almost so sweet, it’s nauseating”. Because, isn’t it easier to deflect than to admit that those notes cut through to my heart once I knew what they were?


7 thoughts on “the lullaby tune

  1. Ouch! I like the response you gave. If only some people knew what it’s like for us…. Course if you took me back 5 years or so I probably would have thought it was an awesome idea to play the music. Interesting how infertility changes your perspective on things.


  2. Hi from ICLW! I pray that one day you will hear that music again, but only because it’s a result of your own sweet babies birth. HUGS!


  3. Sometimes these things hit like a physical blow, and it’s just a reflex to hit back. Walking through the maternity ward every day must be very hard. If you’re able to joke, however black the humor, I give you lots of credit!


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