random remarks

It’s been a long time since I did one of these.

– My sister goes back to her OB tomorrow. They told her last week they’d be surprised if she made it to this appointment. So, any day now, I’ll officially be an aunt. I’m slightly conflicted about this.

– I’m trying to come up with something to do Sunday to distract me from feeling sorry for myself.

– I’m somewhat adjusting to my new job, finally. It’s been an interesting 8 weeks, but I feel like I’m finally getting my footing.

– My new employees have problems with personal boundaries. Several times in the last few weeks, I’ve had to explain that the things they ask are inappropriate – like about my childbearing status. I suppose the nature of the average healthcare worker is more inquisitive than most, but I’m not a fan.

– With the exception of a pair of Badgley Mischkas I bought and returned, I have not bought a pair of shoes in about a year. I need to remedy this.

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