another mother day

I didn’t write a post last year on the holiday. It was a painful one, but I felt like I’ve said everything I have to say until I’m blue in the face.

Last year was my sister’s first. This year, she has a second child. It’s also a rough day for her, it seems, as she adjusts to life with two little ones.

I am trying not to feel sorry for myself. I try to remember there will come a year when I’m grieving my mother and think of those who’ve lost theirs, recently or otherwise. I try to remember those I know who are mothers but who happen to be  having a tough year. There are also those still in the thick of hoping motherhood is only eluding them temporarily.

I am grateful for the friends who think of me. I am happy to get to talk to my mother. I am relieved that I’m not having to hide my oversensitivity.

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