I’ve spent a lot of time at doctors offices lately. It used to inspire stress, but I feel like I have found some really good providers down here who actually listen. It’s nice to know they consider the whole picture, not just weight or preexisting conditions. I am reassured that I have a team working towards a few common goals with me, without using shame or fear.

I’ve been pressed to go see some others, to continue with some genetic counseling given my family history and my risk factors. I do not want to stick my head in the sand the way my mother has done, but it is still nerve-wracking to decipher what other bombs time might have ticking away.

The husband is considering it too. Given his status as an adoptee, it’s a good idea. While it was an open situation, he doesn’t have any medical history to work with and though he is good about physicals and such, you just don’t know what is lurking if you don’t go looking for it.

It’s proactive to do the testing while you’re already improving lifestyle choices. Partly due to my experience with my dad, I worry. Sometimes you’re not aware of an issue until it sidelines your life. I’m happy I am not married to a man I have to nag to go to a doctor or to someone who ignores things until they’re a bigger problem. That would only increase my concern.

On the road to getting healthier, there are a few stumbling blocks; but I’m positive I’m making progress and that I have professionals ready to help direct and assist me as I need it.

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