It’s been a year.

Back up. It’s been over a year.

I feel like I should look at the time since I detached my retina with a different lens. Life has been different since then. Almost every aspect of life changed somewhat. That happened about 8 weeks after we got married in June. Because of my eyes, everything took a quick turn in August 2018, and they have been somewhat chaotic since. I struggled with recovery, as I regained most of my vision but still cannot spend extended time in front of a screen. That meant I changed jobs, which also affected finances.

My schedule, my career, my credit card balance – all affected by this change. Throw in a new doctor and the decision to try infertility treatment again. Oh yes, and wedding cakes, which then led to some unexpected carpal tunnel surgery on both hands at once this October.

I’m trying to roll with the punches, but I’ve rolled myself right down the hill and getting back up to the top seems so hard.

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