how we got here

I’ve been one of those women. You know the type. They nuture their little siblings, their friends in school growing up. They babysit constantly and talk about their “someday” families. Once they reach adulthood, they can’t wait to be mothers. They are told by everyone what a great mother they’ll make.

Society may tell them to go to school, get a career, and they do. However, their desire for motherhood never wanes. They meet a wonderful man and fall in love. Soon after, they get married. They start trying to have a baby. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a little nerve wracking. That was us, before. We continued trying, but decided to seek help because of some issues we have. We were soon told that our chances of having a biological child of our own were less than 3% without some course of treatment.

The best chance of course, is IVF. So we look into it. We get excited about the finally, the possibility of having a child. Then we see the price tag, and we know it’s sadly out of reach. So, we start saving, and trying less effective treatments. We pray, we wait, we visit doctor after doctor, only to have more heartache.

So, three years later, miscarriages later, here we are. I’m asking for your help. Anything. I’m hoping that I can find a way to raise this money in the next ten days. Because I have to know I tried everything. Because taking advantage of this grant situation, and the time crunch it presents may be our only shot.

Because I am one of those women, destined to be a mother.

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