random remarks

– No matter how many programs I record, I still end up watching crap in the middle of the night. There is nothing on this late on Sunday/early on Monday. On that note, why is is that when you turn on the TV in the middle of the night, you invariably get only the middle of movies that interest you?

– Buffalo weather bites. We’ve had the hottest summer in decades, and I should be grateful, but I need a reprieve. Remind me that I was bitching about muggy nights when I complain about 87″ in 24 hours this winter.

– My father was over today, helping with a very simple home repair type thing, and was waxing poetically about how I’m growing up and discovering life isn’t always what you want. Uh, newsflash Dad, I learned that years ago as a kid when I took care of Grandma, and helped her to the bathroom, I learned that after a financial troubles. Then he made some joke about how chemotherapy could help him lose weight. I know he isn’t aware of my emotional state right now, but sometimes I cannot tolerate shit like that.

– Why can I not find dry grape ginger-ale? Don’t ask me who made it, maybe Schweppes, but it was purple and delicious. I can still find raspberry, but that doesn’t cut it. It’s been gone for years, but really now I want to drink it. Although, getting anything like that involves going to a grocery store, which I avoid at all costs.

– I cannot sleep and laying in bed causes me to be extremely uncomfortable. I have a lump on my rib area, under my breast, and laying on my side hurts. It’s been here a few weeks, but now it hurts. I know I have to go get checked out.

– How long can someone survive on very little sleep before they absolutely crash?

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