Random remarks

First, a serious topic that deeply concerns me. “Fun” size Snickers are not so fun anymore. They have shrunk. Kids everywhere should feel cheated this Halloween.

This morning I saw “baby dust” on eBay. Yeah, I had the same reaction. However, it’s been removed, so I could not find a link. Damn, I know you would have snapped it up immediately! If only I had learned of said dust years ago. Do you think the dust that collects on this computer screen will work?

Husband and I visited my dad’s office at his new school. It’s so nice to see someone finally getting what they want and deserve.

I miss Mellie. If you’re around, just pop in to say hi!

My kid brother broke up with his girlfriend a few weeks ago. I’m sad but I’m not. I hope someday he can find someone wonderful. Under all his shit and tough guy attitude, he has such a good heart.

I went to dinner with a pregnant person Tuesday night. Aren’t you proud of me? Granted, she’s not at the showing point, but I still was a teensy bit nervous. Kudos to her for being a sweet, sensitive and wonderful friend.

I’m frustrated with my work for RESOLVE. I’ll have to finish this up with another post, but I need some motivation, or help, or something.

Oh, he shaved off his goatee. I was very happy and then very sad. He had one when we first met, but I convinced him to shave it a few months later. Before that, he had had one for 16+ years. His bare face was nice and he looked much younger. Sometime this spring he decided to grow it back. I first thought it might have been a phase, but then he explained his logic. He was going to let it grow until we had a healthy baby. So, as we planned our IVF, we joked that come March he’d be getting out the heavy duty razor blades. He came to me the other night with it gone. He later explained that it was making him sad, and he was worried that I was constantly reminded of what was not to be. It’s amazing how something so simple can make you feel something so powerful.

Thank you for all your kind comments on the last post. I appreciate the camaraderie, the wisdom and the love you bring me. You have even given me the courage to approach other difficult topics.

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