random remarks

Please say a prayer, or a wish, or whatever you do for him. He’s enrolled in 24 credit hours this semester. He’s finishing the NY state requirements for teaching and then in Jan/Feb he’ll take the teacher exam. I understand that NY wants their teachers to be qualified, but it’s a little ridiculous. The majority of teachers of the blind/visually impaired in the state don’t know Braille, but my husband can’t teach because he didn’t take an art class? Anyway, hopefully this works, because we had to rethink the Portland school and he still has a job offer for when he’s done.

In other news…
My sister bought a condo with her fiancee

My brother re-enrolled in college (yeah!)

My Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, but that’s all I know so far. She has surgery later this month.

Roscoe is slowing down. We may have to retire him soon and the thought is breaking my heart. He is/was supposed to be my nursery dog, sleeping under the crib and checking on the baby. Wow, I can sure hang onto those delusions can’t I? He is like our child, even more so that most people with dogs. He goes with us everywhere. While the husband has done this before (Roscoe is his 4th guide dog) I just don’t feel prepared. If we lived somewhere with more room, we could try to keep him while getting a new dog, but I don’t think it’s possible.

I think that’s it for now, I’m really tired, I didn’t sleep well.

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