My sister gets married tomorrow. All week, I’ve been stressed. Tonight is the rehearsal, and I hope all goes smoothly.

She’s not been too much of a bridezilla this week, I think she’s down to 5 calls per day, which is a significant improvement.

The fact that I’m celebrating my sister’s marriage while my own is circling the drain? It’s getting to me, big time. I’m feeling weak, crying whenever I get a minute alone, which isn’t often.

The dress is set.
I saw the doc for my shots and some drugs to ensure I can make it through a long day without feeling fatigued.
Picked up the shoes, bought the bra (industrial looking, my first strapless)
Got everything for the emergency bag.
Have my camera bag ready, even the extras.
In-laws agreed to take Theo, so that’s one other thought off my mind.
Dad is picking up husband’s suit from the tailor.
I have nothing left to do today but get ready.

Tomorrow should be interesting.

I’ve avoided husband because we’re on shaky ground and emotionally, I can’t handle him, and all this. These drugs make me crazy, and family induced stress is enough.

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