desperate housewife

Never been a fan, but I’ve been known to DVR the show for late nights when I can’t sleep.

I didn’t know they were going to blind a character. There was a speech from his wife about how his blindness didn’t just happen to him. While it is definitely not the most realistic portrayal of a man and his wife coping with a newfound disability, I was moved to tears. She’s carrying on about having to worry if he could find the toothpaste and about how she didn’t think it would be like this. All I could think of was, me neither.

I think being a wife is hard. And while I’m sure every husband has his challenges, whatever they may be, I’m not sure people “get” all the things that come with being the wife of a blind man.

*Hell, I’ll admit just today I made the comment that in my next life I wanted a sighted husband.

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