weekend’s over…

Busy week up ahead of me, getting everything in order for the family visiting this next weekend.  Anxious about it, to say the least.

Newsflash – apparently, I’m driving 3 hours Tuesday to take the husband to a meeting. Can you just feel the enthusiasm? I’m not pleased, we’re going to have to stay overnight because of the schedule, and I’m not in the mood for a mini-road trip. Plus, I’ve not had to take a long car ride without Canadian Crack* since I left home. I’m wondering what the hell is in this 3 hr away town?

Today I ran a bunch of little errands. One of which – getting the dog washed. Almost killed the groomer. They asked me to hold the dog down on the floor as I arrived to pick him up so they could finish cleaning his paws/trimming his nails. Not to sound like a crank, but there I was, all dressed up and in white pants no less. Yes, I know, he’s my dog. Well, my husband’s. But, I paid you to do this, and crawling on the floor to assist you is not part of the price. (There was another person there she could have asked to help her)

Trying to finish up a few last projects before I go to bed. Ha, like I ever go to bed at a normal hour…

*Canadian Crack – term of endearment for Tim Hortons Double Double Coffee

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