random remarks

Just about a week until my family arrives. I was really looking forward to their visit, but now I’m lackadaisical. (And yeah, I spelled it on the first shot)

Made pancakes today. Decided that, while I consider myself a pretty damn good cook, I should recognize my limitations. I suck at making pancakes. Also decided, I need to break down and get some new pots & pans.

Worked most of the bad mood out of my system. Back to normal today, or, better stated, what’s become normal for us.

Finally got over to the library, got a bunch of stuff. I amused myself by sticking a Lori Foster book in the middle of my stack. Hiding it like a thirteen year old boy would hide Playboy. I met her on an airplane and since then, have read most of her books. I’m a little ashamed of people finding a romance novel, God forbid! And, I will add for the record, that this secret guilty pleasure has not morphed into a habit, I’ve only touched her books…

Feeling the need to shop. I have a few gift cards burning a hole in my wallet. I think I need to find something to do for me this weekend. The weekends are tough because I feel we don’t enjoy them and that often, they go to waste. So, if I have something I want to do, and he doesn’t, tough. We did things by ourselves often at home, I guess I just don’t like leaving him home here. I wish he’d find friends here even more than I wish I had them. He’s always had a ton of friends around, he makes friends easy, friends that last. Hell, he’s known some of his friends longer than I’ve been alive.

Off to run out the Lab…

2 thoughts on “random remarks

  1. That’s funny about Lori Foster. Before self-checkout, I always wanted to check out “How To Make Love Like A Porn Star” by Jenna Jameson but never would because I just didn’t want to bring it up to the desk.
    Anyway, your aversion to romance novels reminds me of a great line from The Fisher King.
    Lydia: Yeah, but what we publish is mostly trashy romance novels.
    Parry: Don’t say that. There’s nothing trashy about romance.


  2. Funny! 🙂
    When did we meet on a plane? Was it recently? I hope you like the book, whichever one it was.
    AND I hope you have a very, very enjoyable weekend. It sounds like you need some fun.
    Big hugs,
    Lori Foster


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