hit and run

Note to the ass who sideswiped my husband in the parking lot –
What type of scum hits a blind man and drives away? Oh, wait, you do. There are nice toasty corners of hell for people like you.

Apparently the guy swerved and Husband heard brakes, but got tapped and knocked off the curb. One of our neighbors was nice enough to run out and help him. He wasn‘t badly hurt, though we went to the ER to get him checked out. the guy whipped out of the parking lot, and the neighbor who helped didn‘t see anything. Obviously, my husband didn‘t either. I can’t believe they didn‘t check on him. He uses his cane, and stays on one stretch of sidewalk, doesn‘t even cross a street to take out the trash. Does this person have a habit of jumping curbs?

Sometimes I hate people.

2 thoughts on “hit and run

  1. Scumbags! Sometimes I really have to shake my head.
    I’m glad there were people there to help him. I hope he’s okay. I hope you’re okay too.
    What a world!


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