All the eating out, weird routine change meal wise has me feeling a little sick. My stomach needs to recover.

I was glad they visited, but having them here made me more homesick.

I feel bad that my parents and my sister came to blows just before they left. I am tired of playing mediator. Somehow I thought after 25 years with each other, they’d learn not to push each others buttons.

I want to go to the party my bank teller is going to tomorrow in honor of the Sex & the City movie. I don’t even have anyone to go to the movies with.

I feel like I have a lot to say, but I am so fried from the last few days.

My car is officially dead. It tried to take me with it, I’m still shaking.

Wow, I hate whining, and yet, I am SO good at it.

One thought on “complaints

  1. I guess yesterday just wasn’t our day. But the families gone for now and you can exhale for a little bit.
    How are you feeling today?


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