bad nights

I’m not a good sleeper. I often have nights where I toss and turn, my legs jump, I wake repeatedly, I can’t fall asleep and so on.

Rarely do I have nightmares, but last night, yikes. So disturbingly bad you couldn’t lay back down. I was in bed with my husband, but he wasn’t much comfort as I woke up screaming. I woke the dog even, and he sleeps through most things.

I ended up getting up about quarter after four.
I think I fell asleep around nine reading. And now, I’m wide awake. Great.

I’m wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that depending on courts, I may be headed home for a few days tomorrow. Those two tickets I got at Easter? Yeah, they are finally catching up with me. I got scheduled for one appearance on 6/19, and I’m trying to get the other court to work with me for sometime around then or for the first week in August when we have to go back for a wedding. Talked to a trooper today at a gas station, he said rental speedometers are often a little off, and that may help me with my issue. I inadvertently tripped as I fell out of my car and he got a nice laugh out of it.

I’m like a graceful gazelle I tell ya.

But back to the sleeplessness and such…
I haven’t told anyone my plans, since they aren’t firm, and I thought it would be fun to surprise my parents. Part of me wonders if I’ll break down and tell.

I’m hoping prosecutors and judges are nice and that these particular courts’ traffic nights aren’t too long. I’m really not the criminal type, but I get flustered and nervous. I am a pokey girl, I am not a speeder by nature.  How to convince them? Drive them somewhere? Don’t think that will fly. But, parking tickets and court costs are better than numerous points on my license. Especially with my insurance already going up because of car changes. Gas is expensive, but a car seems pretty essential here where I am.

Well, I’m off to rummage for coffee. I need to go grocery shopping if I’m leaving or my husband will starve. Or just order whatever food he can get delivered for a week.

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