random remarks

Hadn’t done one in a while, and my mind cannot come up with any one idea today. It’s like a word search up there, all the letters blending together.

Talked to an old friend today. Didn’t really get a chance to catch up, but you know how sometimes it’s just nice to hear someone’s voice?

The libraries in this area are bugging me. I’ve only tried three, but in general them seem loud. Phones going off, conversations being held above a whisper. Since when do libraries allow this behavior? Where is the nasty librarian shushing everyone?

I go back and forth over sleeping with my husband. There are nights we go to bed at the same time in the same bed and it isn’t too horrible. But other nights, it is. I think we both sleep better apart at this point. I know it’s confusing to him – my insomnia, my inability to pick a bed and commit to it. The spare room bed is NOT comfortable beyond one night at a time, and I feel bad asking him to switch. I guess I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

Weaning or no weaning, I feel very different drug free. A little tired, somewhat spacey. I think the heat might have something to do with it to. Or my personal brand of cabin fever.

Going shopping today for a wedding shower gift and to maybe find something for Dad. If the court thing had worked out, I would have been able to see him Sunday, so that kinda sucks, but I’ll catch him soon enough.

3 thoughts on “random remarks

  1. I’m with ya on the libraries. I’ve even heard loud arguments between people there and not a thing was done to quiet or separate them. You’re right. Libraries ain’t like they used to be.
    My best to you on everything.


  2. It gets worse. I’m currently at the downtown library. I was at both The Sportsman’s Grille and Brown’s Diner earlier today and they were both quieter than it is here.
    Girl to my right is blasting rap through her large headphones which are sitting in her lap. (I like the song, but jeez!)
    Three people are crowded around the computer space to my left and talking at a very loud volume about who knows what.
    I shoulda just stayed home. 😉
    Girl to my left is now singing along to the music being played by the girl to my right.


  3. I really liked this random thoughts post. It’s like a true slice of life.
    and we live right by a library… ours is full of surprisingly obedient patrons. I should be grateful!


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