rambling update

Tuesday, I left for New York. Had packed some things and decided this was a needed trip. To investigate what’s in Buffalo, if I head back there. To decide finally, what’s ahead of me. Tuesday night I got in and after a short chat with the friends I was staying with, I headed to bed.

Wednesday started off on a sour note. Friends’ baby threw up on my outfit. So, I got re-dressed. I had a doctor’s appointment and some blood work before my job interview. The doctor I saw was not my usual, and regarded my questions as unnecessary. After asking questions unrelated to my case, and me tearing up, I headed out of there with my paperwork for the labs. Hit the Quest laboratory in Amherst and ran across the most unprofessional phlebotomist I have ever had the chance to meet.

Next, the interview. Had to meet with four individuals, one of whom was a physician. He and I had a personality conflict from the get go. We were having a language barrier problem and it went downhill from there. It started when he told his assistant he would get me when he was ready for me. (Translation: if she waits for 30 mins while I play on my iPhone, so what?) Really, his attitude towards his current staff had the hair on my neck standing up. I did my best to seem polite and professional, but he was unimpressed with me at all turns.

So, interview over, I head back to friend’s house. I then learn a friend of my husband’s has called my parents about MY marriage. Livid does not begin to describe it. They were not aware I was even in town, because I wanted the chance to think without having to hear everyone’s opinion. I had intended on calling them Thursday, once my apartment viewings, my appointments and my interview were over. He left a message, without his number and my mother called me to find out what he wanted. I did not answer my phone, I didn’t hear it ring. I hear of this and call my husband to see why his friend felt the need to intervene. I then call friend and leave a message asking him to please cease and desist. Numerous phone calls, messages, curse words and tears later, I go to bed at 3:30.

While I should have spent my Thursday seeing apartments, networking for other interviews and thinking, I continued to have life altering conversations with my husband, and then his friend. Then, my parents call, before I have the chance to call them. Husband’s friend called them back until he got them in person. They then called me. Fun, wow. So, Thursday turned into another useless day, full of phone calls and fumbling explanations.

I headed to their home Friday morning, so they could continue their attack in person. I was supposed to go straight home, they said. But I could not fathom spending my day in the car after the conversations with them and the Husband.

So I left Saturday, and hit traffic and accidents. Got in late Sat/Early Sunday. Woke up at 11 am only to have more talking start. Husband didn’t let me go to bed until about midnight. I’m glad he’s at work today, because I cannot handle anymore talking. I barely have any voice even.

Today I’ve been calling counselors. Interesting to note that I don’t seem to find a lot in the area. The Western NY area probably has 10 times as many. I’m hoping to find someone who will see us this week because I’m not sure we’ll make it much longer without collateral damage.

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