exit stage left

It wasn’t the first time I broached the topic.

I’ve made parts of the speech before.  I’m leaving, I’m done, I can’t do this anymore –  have all been said.

I’m not sure he ever believed it before.  He thought there was something he could do or say to change my mind.

This weekend I stood my ground and spoke up for myself.  I made it known that I am leaving.  I made it clear that I cannot, will not stay.

I am visiting my family at home this weekend.  I will be telling my parents of our split and asking them to support our decision, even if they don’t understand it or like it.

When I get back to Nashville, I’ll be making my exit.

12 thoughts on “exit stage left

  1. Wow, Kate, this is something. You’ve been through the wringer and back.
    Big changes seem so awesomely fearful, gut-wrenching. Considering what you have already coped with, does this almost feel like a …well, relief probably isn’t the right word, but some sort of culmination?
    You’ve got loads of support, electronic and otherwise. {{{e-hugs}}}


  2. Kate, I’ve been there, and it’s incredibly difficult, even if it’s the absolute right thing to do. You have my very best wishes.


  3. You are courageous! Congratulations on deciding to move forward and take care of yourself. I am happy for you and hope this weekend in Buffalo is just what you need to strengthen and prepare you for the emotions that will no doubt surface next week!


  4. Kate, this post gave me goosebumps and tears. And I’m proud of you. Telling your family, gathering your support system, is a good start. And we’ll be here, listening and commenting, for whatever that’s worth.


  5. A tough decision, but time. You know best and it seems like you are done coasting. Stressful, but you should know there’s a bigger community around you than you think. Good Luck, I hope you get the love and support from your family that you are looking for.


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