Anyone else have bad news?

I know it can come in threes, like death and natural disasters.

Here, preparing myself for breaking my own bad news, I hear some from my family.

They gathered tonight to greet me hello.  Unfortunately, they were cranky by the time I drove in after I spent two hours stopped behind an accident in Ohio.  When they leave, my mother makes a drive by announcement that they have bad news to tell me.  My sister tells her that she’ll tell me so Mom, Dad and Brother leave.

Dad got let go from his job today.

Perfect timing, universe.   Thank you ever so much.

8 thoughts on “trifecta

  1. Wow. There is never a good time for bad news, as clearly you’ve shown here … hang in there. Don’t hesitate in telling them, you’ll need their support in the coming weeks, months and years.


  2. Sounds like you could use a hug. (((cyber hugs)))
    Now, let me bore you with a little story about getting “let go” from a job.
    A few years ago an Engineer friend of mine was let go from his job. They wanted to keep him on. He was doing a terrific job. But, the plant was closing so everyone was going.
    We look back on it now and recall that day with fondness. At the time he was a bit depressed about the whole thing. Turns out it was one of the very best things to ever happen in his life. He took a few days to go and visit his old home town. While there he met a girl. A fabulous girl. She had just sold a company and had some time on her hands to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. (She was in his old home town visiting some relatives.)
    The bottom line is they eventually got married and are living happily ever after. All this was possible because he was let go.
    My point is you and the family can view this as a reason to be depressed or you can look at it as a doorway to the rest of your dad’s life. Walk through that door with head held high and you never know what good things can happen.
    Also, this might be good timing for you. If you need some help getting set up back in your old home town your dad will now have some time.
    Hope this helps.


  3. Don’t brace yourself, waiting for the impact of the third. If it will come, well, then, it will. But you are strong and flexible and it won’t break you … don’t give it more power by expecting it and waiting for it. Give your strength to your family — because you are and you can — and take theirs from them. Because despite their own problems they do have strength and letting them give some to you may be the best support you can give them.


  4. Trust me, honey…there is never going to be a great time to tell them. The thing you have to remember is this…they love you and they will support you.
    Yet, I understand the aingst so completely, you don’t even know. The first time I told my mom I was thinking about leaving my ex, she was horrified…but she was so worried about how I would make it alone.
    When the final nail in the coffin came, so to speak, was after she’d passed away.
    Know that I am feeling what you are going through, but just remember, they are your family and they love you more than they love any happily ever after story.
    They’ll understand that you need to be happy.


  5. Ugh–been laid off a couple of times and once fired while I was recovering from a hysterectomy–good times. But you have to do your thing. They’ll understand and I’m guessing it won’t be a huge shock.


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