I’ve debated for over a week – on how to give out all the information I’ve been holding back and I keep coming to similar conclusions.   A little at a time may be a better idea.

I went Thursday up to Buffalo.  Got the chance to tell my family that my husband and I aren’t going to make it.  That we’re done.  The reactions I received from my parents and siblings were different than I could have anticipated, but the news of my father’s job loss diluted the effect of my news.

For the most part, Friday, when I broke the news, my mother was supportive.  Monday when I called her to let her know I was home she was changing her tune – but it’s much easier to deal with her negativity over the phone as opposed to in person.

I know some people will be shocked;  Others will condemn me for abandoning my poor blind husband.  These were the people who praised me as being a special kind of person for marrying him in the first place.  Some whom I thought would react badly will show me the kind of support I’ll be eternally grateful for.

It’s all unknown at this point, which is always the scary part for me.  But I think I’m handling it well; I’m surprising myself each and every day.

7 thoughts on “update

  1. Trust your instincts. All those who will berate you for doing what you need to do, have not walked in your shoes.
    I’m glad there’s others out there besides me. Even though you know you have to do what you have to do, there will b e a freedom that will come after you’ve done it that will bring you suchy a peace…
    Hollah if you need an understanding ear.


  2. I wonder… I think (but don’t know because I haven’t tried) walking away takes more courage than staying status quo, because you’re taking responsibility for your own happiness and not someone else’s. Try not to listen to the naysayers. No one knows what they are capable of until it happens. {{{silly corny e-hugs}}}


  3. It just plain sucks when a marriage doesn’t work out. You guys tried and it shouldn’t matter what others think. They weren’t there for the most private of moments.
    I wish you the absolute best and am thinking of you now.


  4. I’ve read exactly 3 posts on this blog and am already hooked.
    I’m so sorry for the end of your marriage. I obviously don’t know the story but I am thinking of you.


  5. I really feel for you right now. I read the last several posts….it must be a horrible feeling ending a marriage. I have come very close, but not gotten to where you are now. I really hope you are okay. I did chuckle at the “poor blind husband” comment…blind has nothing to do with it. (My brother is blind, and honestly, a total dick regardless. It bears no relevance on your marriage ending.) I wish you all the best.


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