timely whining

Turn back now.  Run even, in whatever direction will get you away from the whining…

Because this type of bitching is purely driven by me being emotional and most of it is completely irrational.

I may or may not want to complain about the fact that I have to wake up early and put my husband on a bus to Memphis.  He was supposed to travel last week, but wanted to be here when I got back from NY.

So instead, he changed his ticket to leave tomorrow morning.

You ask, why am I whining?  Don’t I like when my husband leaves town?  Why yes, I do, as a matter of fact.

But tomorrow is my birthday, (which I wouldn’t normally advertise) and I’m bummed about spending it alone.   Because while spending it with my husband wouldn’t be special – since he has never made a show of it,  never bought me a gift or initiated a dinner or anything, it has to beat sorting and packing and feeling sorry for myself.

Woe is me.  (I’m rolling my own eyes here)

This post may be deleted later as I realize how pathetic this sounds…

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