So much of what I enter in here – I leave unpublished.  Many times I choose to wait, and later review what I wrote.  Partly for errors, since I’m anal retentive.  The reasons for others?  Many of my posts make me feel too much to publish.  Sometimes I feel they’re too angry, too intense, too sexual, too personal.  They may embarrass me, reveal me, make me feel vulnerable.

I have words everywhere.  Notebooks and journals, scraps of paper with comments, quotes, anecdotes, poems.  I have words here that remain unseen.

So, as I pack, organize and plan my exit, I will share with you some of these posts.  Some may not stay up long, depending on how I feel about them being out in the open – but there’s a catharsis in sharing.  In shedding these pieces for you.

3 thoughts on “unpublished

  1. I hope this does not mean you will quit blogging once you have re-established your life.
    As for sharing too much, don’t be afraid of that. Just let it all hang out (so to speak). Those that matter won’t mind and those that mind don’t matter.


  2. I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I feel as though pressing that “publish” button is at the end of a long road of self-imposed roadblocks: I have taken posts down because they were “too self-indulgent” when really what they were was too painful.


  3. You know – regardless of what ‘type’ of post it is, keep writing! I (try) check mine & recheck mine & re-re check mine – but… you know, the hardest post I ever put out there was the “O” posts – fear of being laughed at and fear of my boys reading about it. But… I’m glad I did. If you do it for you then it’s right.


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