panties in a twist

The things bothering me are petty, yes, but not few. To alleviate some of my aggravation, I will put them down here and then try to be quiet about it.

I took a temporary position for a few weeks – covering while someone is on vacation. I don’t think my patience level is what it’s supposed to be. Especially not with spoiled rich kids, and their equally pampered parents at this office.

I worked a few days at another odd job, and finally got paid for it. It isn’t much, especially given how poorly they treated me and how they took advantage of me. I see why they hire local people for a day or two at a time, instead of hiring real long term employees.

I had a promising interview and a follow up last week, only to be told they hired someone else when they couldn’t reach me. I never turn my cell phone off. I had one unaccounted call that day – a restricted call I did not answer quick enough. There was no voicemail left. It was only when I called the next morning to thank them for interviewing me that they informed me that they called the next choice on their list. The job was very low paying and very few hours, but it was something, and probably something I would have enjoyed.

Once again, I’m not feeling well. I feel so weak, tired and drained. The pain is almost unbearable at times. I know I should be monitored and maintained, but until I get insurance, I wait.

My family is constantly singing the same tune. When will I come back? When will I visit? Why don’t I come home? Every time I think of them, I miss them. Every time I call, the guilt trip continues.

Things are not completely finalized back in Tennessee, and it is wearing on me, and others. Again, it’s an issue best solved by finances being a bit more in order. In the meantime, people are hurting, and I hate that.

There are still things of mine elsewhere. Most things are elsewhere, and I want them here, both for practical reasons, like that I can’t afford a new summer wardrobe and I’m tired of paying storage costs and just because I want them.

Ok, I’m done for now, thank you for indulging my whine.

One thought on “panties in a twist

  1. You never need to apologize for whining or thank us for listening. Hell, if this isn’t a place we can do so I don’t know what is!

    And honestly, the things you describe do not strike me as trivial at all. I would feel completely discombobulated by either not having my own things or by the second puberty crap, let alone both of them at the same time. And the other things just seem to add to that. I’d probably want to smack those spoiled kids and send them to bed without supper. Then I’d call that potential employer and tell them they are lazy idiots.

    So make sure you have some wine with that whine. I’ve no doubt that you deserve it!


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