little shop of horrors

Halloween stores are usually temporary, going up in open spaces in malls, strip plazas and so on. It’s fun to walk around and get costume ideas as well as find interesting decorations and such.

Today, I stopped in one on a whim, in Spirit Halloween Store inside the Jordan Landing development in West Jordan, UT. I wanted to find a costume and decided to try a couple things on, I was excited to find a cute robin hood outfit and a few other fun ones.

Only, I was discovered something I found appalling. As I pulled the not so opaque curtain, a boy – about 16 or so – the dressing room attendant – was watching as I, and the girl in the next booth, changed. Yes, there was a curtain, they had taped a garbage bag to it for more privacy I assume, but there was none.

I left, taking the costume I tried on, and went to look for the staff. A girl came by, asking if she could help me and I told her my problem. She mentioned she agreed and would love to have a customer bring it up to the manager, since apparently, she as an employee, wasn’t being listened to.

So, I walked up to him, told him my complaint. He stood there, said “yeah, OK thanks for telling me” and did nothing. As I headed out to put the costumes I had in my hand back, since I didn’t want to give them my business, more girls were in the dressing room, still with the same attendant. The first employee said she’d be more than happy to help me in there, since her manager told her she should go in with me if I was so upset by the situation.

He stood in place, dismissing my concerns. It was abundantly clear that he was not going to do anything about the situation either then, when I presented the problem, or later. I can guess, based on what the female employee said about her opinion being ignored, that he really doesn’t care about this issue. Especially since, according to her, the male employees get a good kick out of telling which hot girls they saw through the curtains.

Don’t patronize me, don’t placate me, do something, or at the very least, think about it asshole. You’re having girls undress in a somewhat public place. If I can see out into the lobby of the dressing room and into the store, people can see in.

They should have better curtains, or perhaps a female staff member standing in the room and blacked out windows to the store if they’re that concerned about security/shoplifting.

I will be spreading the word about the store and my dissatisfaction. I don’t want to have a girl feel violated because of this. The manager is Joe and the store is located at 7378 Plaza Center Drive in West Jordan UT, UT 84084. Phone: 801-282-6874.

I hope he loses business. Salt Lake is a modest community. I am no prude, I have no problem getting undressed in front of people, when I choose to, but I choose who gets to see me naked or partially dressed.

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