being a girl

Some days I feel like a failure as a girl:

I can’t find a Halloween costume I like

I don’t think I look good / sexy in anything.

I suck at painting my nails, no patience and perfectionism – a bad mix.

I often fuck up when I’m trying to be cute, playful, funny and sexy and end up being none of the above.

I don’t have a good hand with makeup or do my hair.

I have more than once in recent weeks broken my “panties should match the bra” rule.

One thought on “being a girl

  1. And yet, I bet if we ask the man there in your life he would say:

    He’d like how you look in any costume (or none at all).

    He thinks you look good/sexy in everything (especially nothing at all).

    He thinks perfectly painted nails are over rated and he thinks they always look perfect.

    The effort to be cute, playful, funny and sexy is what counts. Make the effort and actual execution matters not.

    Hugs and kisses trump well done hair and makeup that can only be admired from afar.

    Who cares if the bra and panties don’t “match”? Seriously. So long as we know they are coming off soon anyway, it matters not.

    Now get out there and have a great week Kate.



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