birthday suit

I have eyes that shift color, depending on my mood. Average ears and a smallish wide nose.

A big mouth that makes the rest of my face scrunch when I smile.

I’m pale, with the occasional freckle. Scars in numerous places, from dozens of different events and traumas. Some visible, some internal.

I sit here, a pie in the oven, laundry spinning, relaxing; thinking about myself. My soul, my heart, my body, my years, my experiences. It’s another birthday – one more I’ve been lucky to get to. I can whine about how I am getting older, but the reality is, I know a few years ago, I thought it might have been my last. I wasn’t sure I would reach another one. So, I will cherish this day, and celebrate it.

3 thoughts on “birthday suit

  1. Happy Birthday Kate.

    As I’ve told many people over the years, getting older beats the alternative.

    Also consider this line from some friends of mine (men of course). “You can’t help but get older, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay immature.”



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